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In 2006, I was walking down the street in New York City on a cold and dreary February evening and I noticed a line of people pouring out of a store. I wasn't in a hurry, so I took my place in the line and soon discovered that it was a Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt store. They were serving a tart Asian-style frozen yogurt with fresh fruit toppings. When I came home I told my wife that I went into a really neat frozen yogurt store in New York and I think it's going to be popular.

I've run several companies over the past few decades. I've started companies from scratch and I've been involved in a number of turnarounds of more established businesses. When I came home from that New York trip, I told my wife two things. I think frozen yogurt is going to be big and I think that Amazon is going to be dominating anything that isn't fresh. It was those two statements that launched us into the food business.

Five years after building a small regional chain of frozen yogurt stores, the self-serve frozen yogurt movement (made from powder & water - not real yogurt) swept the country. This wasn't the ultra-premium froyo with active yogurt cultures that we had built our business on. This was a bunch of flavors made from powder and water mixes where kids could in and serve themselves and put their hands right in the gummy bears. Yuk. My wife and business partner Melissa and I weren't interested. So what were we to do?

About this time when we weren't sure what to do with our froyo business, one of my sons introduced me to raw green juice. He is a high performance athlete and was visiting us at our home so we broke out the juicer that we never used and decided to try some juicing. Something really big happened next. Melissa's asthma had really been acting up. After a few days of juicing her asthma began to calm down. She had also had chronic issues with eczema on her hands for nearly twenty years. Her eczema began to clear up. These two things really got my attention.

I began discussing the juice business with my three grown sons while our youngest fourth son who is still at home kept saying, "Hey, I want some more juice." So here I was getting up at 5 a.m. every day making juice for my wife and son and then breaking out the juicer again every evening at 7 p.m. to make them more juice. It was like a whole new job... making juice for them. They loved it and it was healing my wife, so why not. Who doesn't want to spend thirty minutes cleaning up a huge mess from juicing and hauling compost out to the bin at 8:30 at night? Sounds like fun - not.

I began discussing the juicing opportunity with my wife and sons who are very experienced in business development. Most of our discussions revolved around what the market dynamics and landscape might look like in the future and about this time a company called Blue Print Cleanse and another one called Suja had captured large investments and were moving out of the green juice niche and onto the grocery store shelves. They were achieving this success by pasteurizing or HPP pascalizing their juices with high pressure so that the juices would have a 40 day shelf life and be profitable for grocery store distribution.

I kept making juice while my wife's asthma and eczema disappeared and my youngest son was shooting up like a beanstalk and loving his juice and there wasn't any soda in sight at our house. So, everything was good right? Well, not from a business perspective because how do you make money and at the same time have super fresh juice.

So we started a trial run by opening two centrifugal juice bars within two of our frozen yogurt stores. This worked well enough, but it didn't really provide a juice solution that people could take with them, or enjoy the next morning when they first wake up and hit the refrigerator instead of hitting the local Starbucks. That's when we discovered cold pressing. BAM!

We began cold pressing our juices, developed some awesome recipes and began marketing our 3-Day Juice Cleanse online. The first time we blasted out an email promoting our 3-Day Cleanse we were overwhelmed with response. People clearly wanted awesome juice but couldn't find it very easily. They could find pasteurized juice at any convenience store. They could find HPP cold pressed juice at their specialty grocery stores. They could find a centrifugal juice at a groovy juice bar or even a juice truck, but what they couldn't find was awesome tasting cold pressed juice that wasn't treated and was super fresh.

You really need cold pressed juice if you are going to enjoy the detoxification benefits of chlorophyll and you really need an untreated non-HPP juice if you are going to enjoy the power of energizing live enzymes to strengthen you and restore health to your body. Now, we had both and the business took off. So, it's been nearly three years since we got the idea for JuiceFresh. My business partner/wife's asthma is ancient history and her hands are as soft as a baby's behind and my son who turned us onto juicing is still winning competitive bicycle races and our entire family are juice fanatics. Back when we were having those business conference calls with my sons who are very qualified to engage in strategic discussions, they said "Dad, if you're going to grow fast you will need to HPP your juice." They were right and we didn't grow that fast. But that was then... this is now.

Today we have developed the best systems for shipping our juice directly to your door. In addition to our own store, we have a system for pick-up location cooler distribution, Cleanse Club Pro affiliates and our new consumer and affiliate JUICE APP will soon be released. With the APP, any retail store, yoga studio or wellness center that is interested in becoming a pick-up location for JuiceFresh can do it was easily as downloading the app.

You don't need to know how to press fresh juice. You don't need to know how to blend awesome tasting recipes. You don't need to know how to bottle, label or ship raw, unpasteurized juice. Whether you are looking for a single bottle of juice, a recurring weekly shipment of our super six pack, a 3-Day Cleanse or you want us to install a JuiceFresh Pick-Up Cooler at your business location, JuiceFresh is your source for the freshest, besting, untreated, raw, vegan cold press juice you will find anywhere. If you want to learn more about how to bring JuiceFresh to your community or simply to a shelf in our refrigerator, we want to hear from you.

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David & Melissa Harrison

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