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The business philosophy behind JuiceFresh

When the idea behind JuiceFresh was first conceived in the winter of 2013, we asked ourselves one simple question. How do you operate a business that wants to be optimized to profits when your product is raw juice and juice wants to be optimized to freshness?

No business can succeed without being financially successful, but at the same time the fresh fruits and vegetables that it takes to make awesome juice couldn't care less about the needs of a business. Freshness cares about the customer and nothing else. Freshness cares about you, not our accountant or our banker. Freshness is naturally abundant, but like the sun that powers that abundance, it rises as quickly as it falls. Freshness is an unforgiving master of our juice.

The way we look at the juice world, there are four ways juice can be produced.

  1. 1 - juice smoothies - what goes in the blender... stays in the blender. A fine option for breakfast, but not an option for doing a juice cleanse.
  2. 2 - centrifugal juice - great for oranges and apples, but not so great for the greens you need to power your cleanse.
  3. 3 - masticated juice - good juice, but what it provides in greens it takes away in time and trouble.
  4. 4 - cold press juice - only real solution for a cleanse because it's fresh, convenient and packed with the maximum level of micronutrients

When we first started juicing, it didn't take long to discover that not only did cold pressing provide the best juice, it also provided a practical solution to our client's busy lives and their desire to be more healthy and physically fit. About the time we started JuiceFresh, other juice companies in New York and California were also enjoying renewed interest in the power of green juicing, but there was one big difference.

Other companies in an effort to gain access to the billion dollar beverage market wanted to sell their juices in the grocery store. To do this, those companies had to either pasteurize or HPP (High Pressure Pascalization) their juices. When these companies treat their juices to heat and pressure, the result is that the juice not only changes its flavor, but it also negatively impacts the live enzymes. You want live enzymes because that is what powers the detox effect of your 3 Day Cleanse. There is a big motivation for those big juice companies to process and "treat" their juice because it gives their juice a 40 day shelf life and allows them to sell their juices through grocery stores.

When we tasted those HPP juices they did not have the same live and zesty taste that a JuiceFresh juice has. We made a decision right then and there that we had to find a way to Optimize To Freshness™ rather than to optimize to shelf life and for nearly three years that is precisely what we have been doing every day. Thanks to our thousands of loyal JuiceFresh customers our decision to optimize to freshness was a great decision and that is why your JuiceFresh Juice Cleanse is optimized to you.

Today, your JuiceFresh 3 Day Cleanse is not only the best tasting and most powerful juice cleanse in the market, it's also the freshest. We produce your juice cleanse for in-store pick-up, home delivery within 24 hours* or our free pick-up option at one of our Cleanse Cooler locations throughout the mid-Atlantic. Utilizing our JuicFresh Crush™ your order is freshly pressed, blended and bottled using our exclusive 4-step process. Your order is on its way to you within an hour of being bottled and most orders are delivered in less than 24 hours insuring that your chilled juice cleanse is Optimized To Freshness, never frozen, never heated and never pressurized.

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