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The JuiceFresh Line-Up

JuiceFresh offers four amazingly great tasting cold press green juices, plus one non-green juice treat we call Orange Crush.  We don’t skimp on the greens and high quality ingredients in your juice or 3-Day Cleanse because that’s where the energy and nutrients comes from – the GREENS!  If your juice lacks chlorophyll and a healthy dose of high protein ingredients such as fresh kale, then you will be hungry when you detox.

You may discover other juice cleanses that include less powerful juices such as coconut water or colorful juices that may lack the crucial green contents.  Don’t be misled by other juices that skip the most vital part of your juice by leaving out the greens.  Many juice cleanse companies will try to slip in some added water or sell you almond milk in an attempt to convince you that you’re getting a good deal.  Don’t fall for it.  JuiceFresh is all juice… all the time.  Buy a good alkaline water, coconut water or almond milk at the grocery store.

When you’re calculating the value of your cleanse make sure you are comparing any other products to a 17 ounce green juice which is exactly what we offer.  If you don’t want to be hungry and you want to get awesome results from your juice cleanse make sure your juice includes the following

~ Never Frozen: Some companies actually freeze your juice before they ship it to you destroying the live enzymes… seriously?

~ Not a smoothie or centrifugal juice:  JuiceFresh is only cold-pressed juice.  You would have to drink two or three equivalent sized smoothies (32-48 ounces) to get the same amount of nutrition that you find in one JuiceFresh (17 ounces).  That’s why our customers can drink 5-6 juices per day on their cleanse and not be hungry and not be bloated.  It’s just pure juice with micro nutrients that are absorbed rather than digested.  Who could drink 6 smoothies in one day?  No way.  Centrifugal juicing is great for juicy fruits like apples and oranges, but centrifugal juicing does not extract green juice from key ingredients such as kale, collards, spinach.  To receive the impact from greens you need a cold-pressed juice.

~ 18 Green Juices X 17 Ounces Per Bottle:  That’s 306 ounces of green juice or 63.7 cents per ounce.  Other juice companies may be selling you a smoothie with the plant matter still in the juice.  That cuts their ingredient cost by 50% and reduces the results of  your cleanse.  Other companies only put 16 ounces of juice in their bottle and some companies add an ounce of water.  That’s an 18% reduction in the amount of juice in your bottle.

~ 5 – 6 Green Juices Per Day For Your Cleanse:  Other juice companies may try to slide some flavored waters and milks into your cleanse.  These are cheap to make and profitable for these companies to sell.  Don’t be thrown off by the fancy photography.  Take a look at precisely how many green juices are in your cleanse and take a closer look at the amount of chlorophyll in the bottom of each bottle. When you shake your JuiceFresh you can clearly see it has nearly twice the chlorophyll level of other juices.  That’s the active ingredient that we invest in every bottle and that makes all the difference for you whether your goal is weight loss, reduced inflammation or overall improved health.

~ NO HPP PROCESSING HERE:  Pasteurization may sound like a good idea, but it cooks the liveness right out of your juice and destroys the enzymes found in fresh fruits and vegetables that will power your cleanse, reduce inflammation and help to restore your health.  Because our juice is not pasteurized it has to be fresh and is guaranteed fresh for five days.  Other prepackaged juice companies that are sold in grocery stores are High Pressure Pascalized (HPP).  This gives the juices a 40 day shelf life, but it also takes away that powerful zing of live juice when it hits your tongue.  HPP juices are still relatively expensive and require refrigeration at the grocery store, but they lack the powerful impact that you will get from a JuiceFresh raw, vegan, cold-pressed jucie.

When you taste a JuiceFresh you know the juice is alive.  If you’ve never tried one of our juices, we’d love to give you a sample.  The biggest challenges associated with making great juice is having the right balance of greens and still having a great tasting juice.  Our juice recipes don’t skimp on the key ingredients and are the best-tasting juice you have ever had.

The second biggest challenge is keeping the juice super-fresh while meeting customer demand.  Our fruit and vegetable orders are tabulated every evening at 7 p.m., our produce is loaded at 4 a.m. and we start making juice at 7:30 a.m., bottle the juice at noon and ship it out at 2 p.m.  Most of our online orders are delivered to our clients in less than 24 hours after the juice was made.

Great tasting juice delivered while it’s super-fresh.  That’s what we do and we do that better than any other company we know of.  Thank you for your business! 


Our Green Juices

Antioxidant Blast – kale, collards, bok choy, carrots, oranges & Granny Smith apples

Green Greatness – kale, collards, bok choy, cucumber & Granny Smith apples

Verde Sol* – spinach, cucumber, green apples, orange and lemon

Island Breeze – kale, collards, bok choy, carrots, oranges, Granny Smith apples and pineapple


Orange Crush – Granny smith apples, carrots and fresh squeezed orange juice

(Your 3-Day JuiceFresh Cleanse includes 5 AB, 5 GG, 5 VS and 3 IB from list above for a total of 18 juices.  Orange Crush is not part of our Cleanse)

* Verde Sol is a non-brassica juice that contains no cruciferous vegetables.  If you are taking blood thinner medication or thyroid, ask your doctor if a non-cruciferous juice like Verde Sol may be right for you.


Click on the link below to view 3-Day Cleanse brochure, and let us know if you have any questions.  You can print out the brochure or simply email a link to your family and friends – Thanks!

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